🌸What is Petal Pro?

This guide is for v1.1.1

Petal Pro is a Phoenix boilerplate template with the goal of drastically reducing your time from new project to production-ready web application.

We've worked on web applications for over a decade now. PHP, Ruby on Rails, Backbone JS, React, Meteor JS, Ember JS, and now Phoenix. Having built and deployed a number of Phoenix apps into the wild (Crisis Heroes, Travel Massive and Talentbookr) we realised that the mix phx.new generator is produces a very lean web application and leaves a lot of decision making to the developer.

To the more experienced developer this can be liberating, however it's also great to have more of a turnkey solution with a sensible set of defaults that gets you fully up and running. A solution that, out of the box provides:

  • a component library so you don't have to think too much about design

  • working authentication and user management so users can register and change their settings right away

  • admin functionality allowing the basic management of users

  • a way of logging user activity so you can see how users use the application

  • some email templates ready to go and easily editable

  • a cheap and reliable email service provider chosen for you (but easily changeable) to send transactional emails

  • a CRUD generator that produces a clean and deployable interface

  • a way to deploy to production in less than 10 minutes

Having not found the above solution, myself and my business partner Nic decided to build it - the result is Petal Pro.

Not an Elixir developer?: Phoenix web apps now compete with Javascript single page applications thanks to its impressive web socket abilities via LiveView. We hope more Javascript developers will see the immense time saving abilities of using Phoenix (along with Petal Pro). Imagine having a web application that feels like a SPA, but is all server side code. You still can create reusable components and don't need to worry about an API. It really can cut your development time in half.

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