Open up email.ex and you will see a list of functions that generate Swoosh email structs. Eg:

def confirm_register_email(email, url) do
  |> to(email)
  |> subject("Confirm instructions")
  |> render_body("confirm_register_email.html", %{url: url})
  |> premail()

If I run this function in IEX I can see the Swoosh struct:

An Swoosh.Email struct can be delivered to an email address by a Swoosh mailer (see mailer.ex). Eg:

  Remindly.Email.confirm_register_email(user.email, url)
  |> Remindly.Mailer.deliver()

So email.ex creates the Swoosh structs and the functions for actually delivering emails like the previous code example are in user_notifier.ex. Think of email.ex functions like view templates, and user_notifer.ex functions like controller actions.

So the steps to creating a new email will be:

  1. Create the function to generate a Swoosh struct in email.ex

  2. Ensure it looks good by navigating to "http://localhost:4000/dev/emails" and creating a new action in email_testing_controller.ex that simply renders the html_body value of the struct

  3. Create a new user_notifier.ex function for use in our application

To see a more detailed write up on creating an email - see this section in the "Complete web app" guide.

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