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mix petal.gen.live

This produces the same files as Phoenix's mix phx.gen.live . The only difference is that the templates use Tailwind and Petal Components. You can try it out with:

mix petal.gen.live Todos Todo todos label:string is_done:boolean

Add the routes from the output.

If you're wondering where to put the routes, you can search in the router file for the text "page_builder:live:protected", and add them straight after that line.

def PetalProWeb.Router do

  scope "/", PetalProWeb do
    pipe_through [
    live_session :require_authenticated_user,
      on_mount: {PetalProWeb.UserOnMountHooks, :require_authenticated_user} do
      live "/todos", TodoLive.Index, :index
      live "/todos/new", TodoLive.Index, :new
      live "/todos/:id/edit", TodoLive.Index, :edit
      live "/todos/:id", TodoLive.Show, :show
      live "/todos/:id/show/edit", TodoLive.Show, :edit

Page Builder

Usually, when you want to create a new page, you would have to create a new template file or live view file. Then you would create a route and point it either to the template's corresponding controller action, or directly to the live view.

To skip these steps, we made it so if you navigate to a path with no route on it then it will show what we call "The Page Builder" 👏. The Page Builder is simply a form that helps you construct a page at that route. Submitting the form will result in the route being automatically added to the router.ex file and either a template or live view file is created for you.

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