🪝Javascript Hooks

Remove flash hook

This hook pairs with the <.notification> component and will auto dismiss a flash message after a period of time (10 seconds).

Resize text area hook

Textareas can be annoying to write in when your content exceeds the height and a scrollbar appears. This hook will auto-resize the textarea as you type in it - so it will never have a scroll bar in it and will keep getting bigger as you add more content.

Scroll top hook

Imagine you have a live view with multiple "pages" within it that you navigate via live_patch links. There is a bug where, if you're on say Page 1 and the content is larger than the view port and you've scrolled down somewhat - if you click a live_patch link to another "page", the content doesn't scroll up. So the content has changed underneath you but you're half way down the page so it's a confusing user experience. You can place phx-hook="ScrollTopHook" on the live_patch link and it will scroll the page to the top for you when you click it.

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