What is Petal Pro?

Petal Pro comes with a beautiful landing page ready to tweak to your brand
Petal Pro is a Phoenix boilerplate template with the goal of drastically reducing your time from a new project to a production-ready web application.
We've worked on web applications for over a decade now. PHP, Ruby on Rails, Backbone JS, React, Meteor JS, Ember JS, and now Phoenix. Having built and deployed a number of Phoenix apps into the wild (Kindly, Travel Massive and Talentbookr) we realised that the mix phx.new generator it produces a very lean web application and leaves a lot of decision-making to the developer.
To the more experienced developer, this can be liberating, however, it's also great to have more of a turnkey solution with a sensible set of defaults that get you fully up and running. A solution that, out of the box provides:
  • a component library so you don't have to think too much about the design
  • working authentication and user management so users can register and change their settings right away
  • admin functionality allowing the basic management of users
  • a way of logging user activity so you can see how users use the application
  • some email templates that are ready to go and easily editable
  • a cheap and reliable email service provider chosen for you (but easily changeable) to send transactional emails
  • a CRUD generator that produces a clean and deployable interface
  • a way to deploy to production in less than 10 minutes
Having not found the above solution, me and my business partner Nic decided to build it - the result is Petal Pro.
Not an Elixir developer?: Phoenix web apps now compete with Javascript single-page applications thanks to its impressive web socket abilities via LiveView. We hope more Javascript developers will see the immense time-saving abilities of using Phoenix (along with Petal Pro). Imagine having a web application that feels like a SPA, but is all server-side code. You still can create reusable components and don't need to worry about an API. It really can cut your development time in half.
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